Charity Stow

Nottingham based singer songwriter Charity Stow featured on BBC Introducing in Nottinghamshire last year with track ‘Here’, now she has done it again with latest release ‘Wake Up’.

Leaping away from the sound of her previous release ‘Fool’; a folky, gentle song which reminds listeners of the softly-sung Billie Marten and Bess Atwell; ‘Wake Up’ is full of sombre moodiness and drama. Charity delves into grunge stylings with her impressive voice diving from high to low notes with ease.

Opening with raw, reverbing guitars, instantly creating a moody and almost tense atmosphere. The echoing drumbeat is almost creepy, its hollowness echoing throughout your brain as the violins slowly fade in creating a haunting full sound. Charity’s voice is impressive as she belts out her powerful lyrics, demonstrating the width and breadth of her vocal ability. The moody scene the song creates is apt for the events this year in ‘a world so in distress’. From the climate crisis to social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter, Charity’s call to action ‘wake up’ will surely resonate with many.

If this dark and twisty song is anything to go by, Charity seems set to continue to capture our attention through her passionate lyrics and soaring vocals in 2021.

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Words Ella McLaren