Hailing from Galway, Ireland HyBrazil return with new single ‘Today’ and remind us that rock is at its best when it carves poetry out of rogueness!

That said, you know a song of the genre is doing something right when it chooses to build itself around the line “we are going to go in the opposite direction from the rest of the world”. That is the basis of “Today”, the new single by Irish-Brazilian band HyBrazil. These simple yet powerful words are driven by a bare guitar, which unabashedly bursts onto the stage in the chorus, in between the serene, unpretentious strumming that ornates lead singer Orla Coughlan’s voice in the verses. The message couldn’t be more upfront: follow the path your spirit has drawn, not the one set by a world gone awry! 

Orla sells each line with her passionate, carefree delivery and the sound is so stripped down and rootsy you can feel the wind blowing through your face as you stroll down a back road towards your freedom. And, honestly, is there a better note to end this dreadful year on?

Much has been made of rock music’s future (or lack thereof) recently. Still, wise minds like you and me maintain that it will linger on right in the face of all apocalyptic predictions as long as it is able to embody this blissful, devil-may-care spirit that feels so relevant in times like ours. 

Hailing from Galway, Ireland, HyBrazil has been busking on the city’s street art Mecca and playing at local pubs since 2018 before debuting on YouTube with single “Tainted Love” on 9 January.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio