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Gold Blend Might Be A Wizard On ‘Harry’

Gold Blend 'Harry' Right Chord Music Blog

Gold Blend ‘Harry’ Tongue-in-cheek rap with genuine skills.

Gold Blend – Harry

‘Not that bad but could be better’ was a line that stood out to me in Gold Blend’s ‘Harry’. Perhaps it was some classic British understatement, perhaps it was poking fun at the typical overconfidence and bravado displayed in rap. But Gold Blend doesn’t underrate his own skills – he compares himself to a wizard on this track’ – and nor should he. This is an exciting British rap talent. 

Gold Blend is a British rapper and songwriter, and the self-proclaimed “best rapper in the South West”. With enthusiastic support from the likes of BBC Introducing, it looks like he’ll be bringing us some consistent releases through 2023.

‘Harry’ is a hugely energetic rap track with a wry sense of humour, shouting its own talents while poking fun at itself as well.

The titular hook is incredibly catchy and should be a hit at any live gig – ‘Jump on the beat in the booth and my boys say, This man here is a wizard, Harry, Harry, Harry’. The lyrics feature plenty of British references, making this feel grounded in UK culture – including a reference to Gold Blend’s south-west origins, ‘a seaside land’ full of inhabitants with ‘menthol breath’. There are some enjoyable pop culture references too – ‘Two cool cats like Scat and Thomas O’Malley’ – and some seriously impressive rhymes. The delivery is rapid and energetic, bordering on unhinged – you wonder when on earth he breathes during the track – but it’s tons of fun. 

The production is stripped back, focusing on a vaguely mariachi trumpet line and some pulled-back hi-hat beats. It’s designed to let us focus on the rap, and it’s effective in doing that. Fans of rap, particularly British rap and quirkier rap, will love this.

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Words Eden Tredwell