Today Is A Day – PRÏNCEPS

Bursting with rage that has been contained for far too long, here comes a thumping old school banger by London-based duo Prïnceps featuring Italian DJ EKL.

“Today is a Day” is one of those songs that you must listen to when on “fed up with this s**t/need to let it off my chest” mode and it brilliantly revives Nineties’ industrial electronica in order to embody this feeling. According to the pair, the song was actually written some time ago, but they only released it in 2020, as they felt this was the right time for it. 

“We stare/ Up at the sky/Eyes wide/But eyes can lie”, starts singer Renz Byrne’s ominous voice surrounded by synthesisers that instil a discomforting sense of unease and doubt. The only certainty is the need for change or, at the very least, to cry out and simply let the distorted guitars and smacking dance beats help your weary mind exude the anger and dissatisfaction. 

It almost feels like one of those amazing dance-rock gems that made the Mortal Kombat soundtrack such a classic. And, in times of such social anger and anxiety, with so many machines to rage against, this was precisely the kind of sound that needed to be resurrected to help us make sense of the new bizarre world that is being shaped right before us. Maybe that is why the conclusion our boys come to is “today is A day”, as in “another one”. Same old lies, same old questions, no solution… how much longer? 

Composed of Byrne, from Essex, and Roman bassist/producer Marko Press, Prïnceps owes its stylish, somewhat boastful name to the friends’ love of the Roman Empire and Today is a day is part of their Trinity EP, released earlier this year. The EP contains older demos reworked with the help of DJ EKL and was born out of the pair’s desire to cheer up their friend and collaborator from the other side of the continent, who was having difficulty dealing with lockdown blues. “We simply said ‘Hey man, we’ve got something that will make your time better! Wanna produce some sick music with us?’”, explain the duo.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio