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Wild Isles Go For ‘Gold’ With Electrifying Debut Single

Wild Isles - Gold review on Right Chord Music

Wild Isles are the latest alternative rock group to make waves through the indie scene with the release of their debut single, ‘Gold’.

Wild Isles – Gold

Hailing from England’s South West, this five-piece is bringing together everything that makes guitar music great – with influences including none other than Oasis, Sleep Token, and Nothing But Thieves – and giving it a fresh, thrilling twist.

Starting with roaring riffs and powerful backbeats, Wild Isles certainly waste no time in bringing the energy with their debut single, ‘Gold’. The bold screams of the guitar wail over the air, truly setting the tone for the wall of sound that’s about to unfold. Indeed, people often claim that guitar music may have had its day, but I always struggle to see truth in that baseless claim as long as groups as great as this are putting out material as strong as ‘Gold’.

It truly seems that every minute aspect of this record has been paid the closest of attention. One of my favourite aspects of the single is how each instrument complements the next: the way the rhythm section locks in to deliver a strapping groove, the way the guitars keep building tension, and the way the vocals are sensationally delivered with finesse and confidence. Before long, the track builds through a masterful array of expertly crafted licks and fills before it arrives at its crown jewel of a chorus. It should be noted that the production value on this single is phenomenal and really builds on the musical talent that’s ubiquitous within Wild Isles.

Lyrically, ‘Gold’ seems to pay homage to the importance of strength and companionship and how precious relationships can be in our lives. This, coupled with its electrifying instrumentation, goes hand in hand and helps produce a track that feels just as energising as it does exciting. Let’s not forget, crafting a strong narrative in a song is a skill in its own right, but having the talent to do just that and transpose lyrics into a song with clever, catchy hooks and anthemic choruses provides a flair that Wild Isles should be marvelled for.

‘Gold’ is a sensational, anthemic offering of a debut single – Wild Isles are certainly a group to keep a close eye on.

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Words Alex Malpass