Catherine Elms Returns With The Bewitching ‘Fire Song’

Catherine Elms is a South Wales-based indie rock singer and songwriter with a strong artistic sensibility.

Catherine Elms – Fire Song

With influences from heavy metal, baroque pop and alternative rock, her music has intensity while retaining delicacy and, being equally talented as a pianist and vocalist, she demonstrates much of these traits through her most recent single: ‘Fire Song’.

The track, loaded with emotion and passion, has a rich instrumental foundation of piano and strings that provide the support for Catherine’s beautiful vocals, which sound as if she’s wanting to free herself from their ties. And that is precisely the theme addressed by the song.

The deeply personal lyrics focus on Catherine escaping from mundane, pedestrian life and achieving her goals and desires. It’s something we can all relate to in one way or another. The time comes for all of us when it is necessary to decide between settling for an ordinary existence or exploiting the full potential that life can offer. ‘Fire Song’ inspires us to follow the hardest yet most rewarding road.

The track is accompanied by an occult-rock-styled music video, which features Catherine removing layers of clothing as if removing the emotional barriers preventing her from achieving her true self. The piece builds on a crescendo and culminates in a visually striking (courtesy of videographer Scott Chalmers) fire ritual finale.

Fire Song is a beautifully crafted and richly textured soul-pouring spectacle.

‘Fire Song’ is set to be part of Catherine’s upcoming album that promises to expand the single’s themes. Be sure to follow Catherine on social media to catch up on the latest from this unique and very talented performer.

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Words Fidel Beserra