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Angelo Andrea’s cover of U2’s Love Is Blindness deserves your ears

Angelo Andrea Love Is Blindness (U2 Cover)

Angelo Andrea’s cover of U2’s ‘Love is Blindness’ breathes new life into one of their most precious gems.

Brand U2 has been tarnished

There is no doubt the legacy of U2 has been tarnished. With Bono’s political postering and the iTunes debacle in 2014, remember when they tried to force their music on the world?  But if we take a step back and just focus on the time when they made incredible music there might be an opportunity for redemption. Leading the redemptive charge is Italian American and Miami native Angelo Andrea.

Angelo Andrea – Love Is Blindness

Angelo Andrea has been making music for 6 years inspired by artists including HVOB, Oliver Koletzki, David Guetta, Mr.Kitty and of course U2. However, it was Jack White’s own cover of Love Is Blindness that first prompted his interest in the original, which he admits ‘blew his mind’ It inspired him to start working on his own cover using his own distinctive sound and techniques.

His ambition from the start was to create an electronic / pop version of the song to widen the audience beyond indie, rock fans. Working with a ghost singer, chosen for her beautiful voice, Angelo Andrea has successfully given Love Is Blindness and U2 a positive rebrand, with smokey, brooding vocal delivery and simmering electro beats.

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Words Mark Knight