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Justine Magnusson Shares Piano Ballad ‘Sweet Loretta’

Justine Magnusson Sweet Loretta on Right Chord Music

New Jersey-based Justine Magnusson recently shared her new single, ‘Sweet Loretta’. The single, a stunning ballad, is a simple yet lovely tune that makes listeners stop and take time to reflect, whilst also feeling like a warm, fuzzy hug. 

Justine Magnusson – Sweet Loretta

Holding an undeniable charm that will no doubt resonate with listeners, ‘Sweet Loretta’’s soulful and heartfelt lyrics create an emotional connection, enveloping the audience in a warm embrace of musical storytelling.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the track is a gem, serving as a testament to Justine’s remarkable talent and her ability to craft music that is not only captivating but also profoundly stirring.

The haunting melody of ‘Sweet Loretta’ is delicately crafted around a lone piano, accompanied by occasional orchestral flourishes that add depth and texture to the song. As the track progresses, Justine’s evocative storytelling takes hold, leading the listener down a winding path of mystery and intrigue. Through it all, her vocals remain soft and gentle, drawing the listener deeper into the eerie yet beautiful atmosphere of the song.

Justine’s songwriting has been influenced by a wide range of genres, such as Irish bluegrass, country ballads, and singer-songwriter releases. These influences are evident in her song ‘Sweet Loretta’. However, this is a positive aspect as she respects her influences without infringing on their rights, while also showcasing how they have influenced her sound in a modern way.

It’s interesting to note that ‘Sweet Loretta’ is part of Magnusson’s debut release. The collaboration between Justine and her producer, Marc Orrell, is truly remarkable. Throughout the single, it becomes clear that the duo is a force to be reckoned with, evident through their work and the level of class and talent displayed.

‘Sweet Loretta’ is a standout track from Justine Magnusson’s debut EP ‘One Less Person’ and has already received over 2,000 Spotify streams. With this single, Magnusson successfully demonstrates her songwriting expertise while staying within a comfort zone that clearly works for her. Displaying her talents alongside those of her producer, ‘Sweet Loretta’ is an intriguing, thoughtful release that enables Justine to have listeners eating out of the palm of her hands – eagerly awaiting more. 

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