Camila Knight is singer-songwriter, inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell, AURORA and Coldplay In July 2020, she released her debut single Angels, which reached number 43 in the Pop iTunes Charts. Now she returns with new single Home.

Camila Knight – Home

Speaking more on Home, Camila writes: “I wrote ‘Home’ during lockdown 1.0 literally pouring my heart into it, suspended somewhere between uncertainty of what’s coming, a feeling of gratitude for the little things in life and my beloved ones, trying to keep my spirits high.”

Home, is the next single from her upcoming EP. The track uniquely blends together an array of different genres, from alt-pop, to folk, soul pop and art pop, layering atmospheric electronic textures with emotive vocals and strong lyricism that creates a free-spirited, bohemian atmosphere. The track begins with a sleepy first verse filled with warming imagery. The chorus is intimate and uplifting. The end is striking, with a powerful guitar solo.

Home is a fun, energetic song that aims to inspire and bring people together. Passionate about empowering and uplifting others, Camila aims to create a space for those who feel lonely, misunderstood or unsettled through her creative work and music.

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Words Rachel Makinson