Cam Thomas is having the best ‘Identity Crisis’

When it comes to rap and hip-hop, the UK has often somewhat limped behind our American cousins. But luckily, it’s 2021, genre is dead, and we’re all free to draw influence from a number of things.

I personally think that music is much better and more interesting for this. Which is the same approach that emerging artist Cam Thomas takes on his new track ‘Identity Crisis’, taking from both US hip-hop sound and the street style of UK rap, to winning effect.

‘Identity Crisis’ opens with an instantly infectious funk-soul loop, cinematic brass and strings straight out of a 1970s show, and an uplifting ‘Ooooh’ vocal. Thomas raps with confidence as he describes reaching a new level of self-assuredness, no longer needing others approval.

With lyrics like ‘Done it all and bound to do more’, he is ready to take on the world. I would appreciate some more intricate rhymes or lyrical wordplay, but the energy is undeniable.

The production, courtesy of BLISS, keeps a solid groove going, with that funk sound and driving beats more than a little reminiscent of Kanye West. Thomas even flips between rapping and some singing on the chorus refrain- in the knowledge that, with artists such as Doja Cat and Lizzo, the lines between singer and rapper are increasingly blurred nowadays, and gladly so. This is a confident opening offering from Cam Thomas, and anyone hungry to hear more should also check out his upcoming EP ‘Financial Times’, featuring ‘Identity Crisis’ and more, due to be released on May 7th.

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Words Eden Tredwell