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BLÁNID breaks our hearts with debut single ‘Fool’s Gold’

Blanid Fools Gold

There is something about ‘Fool’s Gold’ that makes it sound like it could have been written centuries ago. An eternal tale of hopeless love, whispering through the ages – not bad for a first single. It’s a breathtaking debut from Northern Irish artist BLÁNID.

The first thing I noticed were BLÁNID’s vocals, cutting straight through to the ear, deep and pure, with a tremble reminiscent of other classic female Irish vocalists like Sinéad O’Connor, and Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries. The track owes a lot to the Irish tradition of folk and storytelling, particularly in its songwriting. The main melodic refrain is simple yet effective, only becoming stronger with each repeat. The lyrics are bare yet heartbreaking, the titular ‘Fool’s Gold’ of the track being the love we accept from others, even though we know they don’t love us in the same way.

‘I will love you til I’m old, even though it’s fool’s gold’, sings BLÁNID in a tale as old as time.

The production, courtesy of rising star producer Duncan Pym, transforms the simplicity of the writing into something sweeping and majestic. First steady piano chords, then shimmering guitars, and taking advantage of BLÁNID’s gorgeous vocals, layering them and building everything to a hauntingly grandiose climax. The more modern production also helps bring the classic style into the present day. It’s a stunning track, full of aching emotion. I’m not surprised that BLÁNID has already garnered attention from BBC radio stations, and I’m sure that this track will only continue to push her further.

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Words Eden Tredwell