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Take A Trip In Bonze’s (Mercedes)

Bonze - (Mercedes)

Ambient electronica meets late-night musings in Bonze’s latest track (Mercedes).

Bonze – (Mercedes)

‘Will you be a stranger when I turn 35?’ opens ‘(Mercedes)’, the latest release from Bonze. It’s a strong line that sets up all the agony and longing of young love, combined with the loneliness that usually visits us all at some point in our 20s. And just to be clear – the titular Mercedes is a girl, not a car. Though if you do want to write a love song to a car, no judgement. 

Bonze is the project of British singer-songwriter-producer Jack Reardon. After years of floating around the music industry between performing, songwriting, and A&R, Bonze is the project that invites people into his world.

‘(Mercedes)’ is an atmospheric synth-led alt-pop track that captures the doubt and intensity of young love.

The lyrics capture all the late-night questions that appear when considering the overwhelming possibilities of love and long-term commitments – ‘Will you be the one I wait for the rest of my life?’ – as well as insecurities – ‘Even if you leave when we’re 45’. These are delivered in Bonze’s layered, hazy vocals, with some lovely falsetto notes, even if the effects do make it hard to understand the lyrics sometimes. The song injects some optimism as he admits ‘I know I’m better by your side’ but concedes ‘I’ll be in for a lonely night’. The titular lady is never directly mentioned, but the story is clear. 

With its pulsing synths and ethereal vibes, the track shows influences of everything from Drake to 90s garage to The Chemical Brothers, yet it’s easy to let it ebb, flow and wash over you. It would also be perfect soundtrack material for some dark drama. Fans of ambience should keep an eye on Bonze.

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Words Eden Tredwell