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Red Shakes Need Some ‘Borrowed Time’

Red Shakes - Borrowed Time

Working as a perfect throwback to the sweet Indie-Pop sound of the 00s, Borrowed Time is an endearing offering by Red Shakes, an outstanding British outfit already making some noise in the North of England.

Red Shakes – Borrowed Time

Red Shakes is a solo project composed of three backup musicians and Sam Da Silva, a charismatic performer with a deep appreciation for 00s Indie-Rock and 60s pop groups. This melting pop of influences plus, his unique outtake on life experiences, are some of the main ingredients of Red Shakes’ music.

Starting officially to release music in 2020, Red Shakes has received support from the likes of Amazing Radio, RGM Magazine, Radio X, This Feeling, and BBC Introducing. And just as if this wasn’t good enough, Red Shakes has also shared the stage with icons such as Jake Bugg and The Charlatans.

On this occasion, Sam and company have decided to please their fans with a new bopper named Borrowed Time, a heartfelt piece with all the elements to become your new favourite song, as Sam explains:

 “I love the guitars in the song. We made them bright and poppy and overall it gives the song a really upbeat vibe which I think suits the lyrics- as they are tongue and cheek at times.”

Extremely upbeat and with blissful instrumentation, this sweet piece is driven by a beautiful chord progression, with Sam’s playful vocals soaring through an infectious bassline and drums, which fit like a glove with the lyrics, as mentioned earlier.

Borrowed Time is the embodiment of how an aural sunrise would sound, catchy and tender to the ears.

Ultimately, Red Shakes keeps honing its sound and developing a style whose accessibility makes it highly engaging, complemented by high-level performances, and with every release feeling more polished than the last.

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