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Natalia Salter Embraces Her Mistakes On ‘Million And One’

Natalia Salter - Million And One

Natalia Salter is a singer, writer, and poet, characterized by her honest lyrical approach, depicting life’s many perks through a first-person perspective, crafting highly relatable pieces of music, just like her brand new single Million And One.

Natalia Slater – Million And One

Born English with Peruvian roots, Natalia got exposed to art from an early age, with her mom being an artist and her dad a worker in the film industry who used to travel constantly, these experiences would shape Natalia’s deep love for arts.

Her first tracks Coming Down and Hold Back, have amassed more than 1000 streams each while also receiving support from Notion and Lock, putting her in a class of her own in the Indie panorama.

For Million And One, Natalia has come up with some of her most personal and intimate lyrics to date, describing the beauty of coming to terms with oneself, accepting that you’re human after all, and making mistakes is just part of the necessary process of loving yourself. Regarding this tune, Natalia said:

This song is about how I’ve come to accept and embrace my mistakes and decided to choose to love myself in spite of them. Million And One is a song for the sensitive souls, who are not afraid to be vulnerable. It’s for the people who live in the grey and understand that people and this world are not black and white.“

But the highly introspective songwriting is just half of the equation. The composition blooms gracefully thanks to its soothing guitars, which blend splendidly with the piano accompaniment, only topped by Natalia’s candid vocal delivery,  making you feel that previously mentioned vulnerability.

Million And One is a gorgeous display of self-love, embellished by well-rounded musicianship and top-notch performance.

Natalia Salter has already proven to be more than capable of inspiring and showing how adept she is at creating a sense of empathy, understanding, and caring, carefully conveyed in her music, tackling timeless topics that more than one will feel identified.

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