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Loie Has The ‘Perfect’ Song For You

Loie - Perfect

After a series of successful releases across 2022, Brixton-based Loie (pronounced Low-ee) has unveiled her newest single ‘Perfect’ a chill and endearing R&B track that celebrates her mixed heritage and showcases her irrefutable talent as an uprising artist.

Loie – Perfect

For a performer that just debuted this year, Loie is already making a substantial impact, her three previous singles, That’s My Girl, Hide My Feels, and Take You There, have reached quadruple digits on Spotify each, a milestone that not many singers can achieve in such a short period.

This particular work has a special meaning, with Loie’s unique heritage (half Chinese, half Trinidadian) playing a vital role in this melody, being pretty much the creative force behind this composition, as she explains:

Perfect’ is the first song from the EP. It is my most acoustic and stripped-back track but still has a bouncy R&B essence that listeners will recognise. It begins with samples of the birds and wildlife of Tobago which I recorded during my stay with family this summer. I wanted to capture the magical wonder of the island to paint this love story. To me, it feels like a warm caress or a gentle kiss and shows me at my most playful and carefree state.”

Louie’s charming voice glides effortlessly through the soothing instrumentation, perfectly illustrating the beautiful emotions attached to this piece while also pouring with sensuality in the classiest way possible. The sample of Tobago’s fauna is a smooth and welcoming touch that grants this single a distinctive sound.

It might be a cliche to say it, but Perfect honors its name, comprised of dazzling performance, lovely production, and stellar songwriting

Still young and with a long road ahead, this outstanding performer has all the skills to shock the world someday. We have only seen a fraction of what Loie is capable of, so you better be prepared to hear this name again sooner than you think.

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Words Javier Rodriguez