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Blackchords Music To Feature On Underbelly Razor Soundtrack

Blackchords Underbelly Razor

Underbelly Razor is an Australian drama series that details real events that occurred in Sydney between 1927 and 1936. Blackchords are excited their music is going to be included in such a great television series.

Blackchords Broken Bones

Blackchords ‘Broken Bones’ has been included on the official soundtrack to the series which is out to buy now. The soundtrack is a mix of Burkhard Dallwitz‘s original scores, Re-recorded 70s & 80s tracks by Jessica Mauboy, Rob Mills, Pippa Grandison, as well as other music used in episodes.


Track Listing

Disk 1
1.  Another Day – Angus & Julia Stone
2.  Majesty – The Panics
3.  Gold Canary – Cloud Control
4.  Big Bad Handsome Man – Imelda May
5.  Catch A Fire – Mojo Juju
6.  That’s Where I’m Going – Eilen Jewell
7.  Broken Bones – Blackchords
8.  Hope You Find Your Way To Heaven – The Beasts of Bourbon
9.  The Milkman – The Crooked Fiddle Band
10.  B.O.O.G.A.L.O.O – Big Boss Man
11.  Johnny Got a Boom Boom – Imelda May
12.  Warning Signs – Eilen Jewell
13.  John The Revelator – Possum Kings
14.  Summer Rains – The Ditty Bops
15.  Do The Stomp – The Snowdroppers
16.  Made Of Stone – Matt Corby
17.  Death By Diamonds & Pearls – Band Of Skulls
Disk 2
1.  Kate & Tilly’s Waltz – Burkhard Dallwitz
2.  Razors – Burkhard Dallwitz
3.  Kate & Tilly’s Riot – Burkhard Dallwitz
4.  Razorhurst – Burkhard Dallwitz
5.  Eileen’s Lament – Burkhard Dallwitz
6.  The Norman Bruhn Blues – Burkhard Dallwitz
7.  Danny Boy / The Battle Of Blood Alley – Burkhard Dallwitz
8.  Send Me An Angel – Jessica Mauboy
9.  Sounds of Then – Pippa Grandison
10.  Ain’t She Sweet – Rob Mills
11.  Bad Boy For Love – Pippa Grandison
12.  Puttin’ On The Style – Rob Mills
13.  The Nips Are Getting Bigger- Pippa Grandison
14.  The Bridge We’ve Been Waiting For – Jessica Mauboy
15.  The Boys Light Up – Pippa Grandison
16.  We Can Get Together – Rob Mills
17.  Send Me An Angel – Pippa Grandison
18.  It’s A Jungle Out There – Burkhard Dallwitz

The band are currently locked away working on all the creative ideas from the past 12/18 months to create their second album, and hope to share the fruits of their labour very shortly.

In the meantime check out their debut album

[bandcamp album=3665642841  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


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