Aridonis unwinds with laid-back ‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’

Take a trip down memory lane with Aridonis’s latest track ‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’.

Aridonis – Bumper Sticker Sentiments

Canadian singer-songwriter, Aridonis, sweeps across different sounds from indie-folk to pop to electronic rock with deep and meaningful experiences shaping the tracks. Themes include anxiety, love, cancer survival and video games, showing Aridonis’s diverse subject matters. Aridonis’ latest release is ‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’ which deals with the theme of love and breakups.

‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’ is stripped back with the soft strum of the guitar opening you up to the narrative of the lyrics. As Aridonis describes it.

“It’s a great song for staring into the void”.

This sentiment is accurate as the track moves you to feel reflective and introspective. Aridonis’s soft vocals beautifully mirror the lightness of the instruments to deliver an emotional and thought-provoking listen.

The transition to the chorus is subtle as more synths and psychedelic sounds work their way onto the scene whilst still keeping the atmosphere of the song easy-going. This continues through to the next verse as the tension grows. The overall atmosphere of the track is other-worldly and on-brand with Aridonis’s other tracks.

‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’ is stripped back and driven by emotional relatable lyrics with the added synths creating a catchy bop.

The heartfelt messaging combined with the strong vocals and laid-back sound of the track makes ‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’ a fantastic listen for all tastes.

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Words Holly Hammond