Angela Sclafani Bell Jar

Angela Sclafani has just released her latest single ‘Bell Jar’ and we are feeling inspired. This single has everything we could possibly want with lyrics that are motivating, joyful vocals and instrumentation that takes us on a journey.

Angela Sclafani – Bell Jar

Everything about this song is written with so much attention to detail. This song blends together elements of pop and Americana to create a unique blend, with production and instrumentation help from producer/songwriter Katie Buchanan. You might also hear some hints to Sclafani’s extensive experience in theatre in her vocal performance.

Sclafani gives us insight into her inspiration for ‘Bell Jar’ which is a novel by Sylvia Plath. She mirrors Sylvia Plath’s literary imagery of ‘shattering’ to encourage listeners to ‘break the conventions that hold them down.’ Everything about the lyrics and instrumentation will leave you with a motivated mindset, ready to take on whatever challenges you’re facing in life.

Sclafani shares about ‘Bell Jar’…

“This song is about overcoming the dark spaces of your mind by taking physical space from the people and structures that drive you there. I hope that audiences can lean into the hope that comes from setting boundaries and practising coping skills.”

She laughed, “I also hope that they get the literary references!”

Angela Sclafani has just signed with Pitch & Prose and promises a full-length album set to be released later in 2022. Follow her on social media for upcoming releases and shows.

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Words Devin Renee