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Flow through Gaia Lectra’s mantra inspired sound with ‘Shivaya’

Gaia Lectra

Gaia Lectra combines mantras with music to deliver a refreshing and hypnotic listen

Gaia Lectra – Shivaya

With a background in reiki and yoga, Gaia Lectra has pulled mantras across to her innovative and refreshing musical endeavour. ‘Shivaya’ marks her debut song in which she’s integrated serene sounds to sculpt a relaxing experience.

The soft ringing synths and gentle rhythmic beats kick off the catchy sound to ‘Shivaya’ with the vocals ringing softly in a steady and melodic manner. The holistic influences trickle through for a track that could both get you up on your feet and encourage you to unwind at the end of a long day. The tension gradually builds up with the pulsating beats and instruments driving the atmosphere of the track throughout.

Shivaya breaks the barrier between music and mindfulness with pulsing beats and rhythmic vocals leading the way.

Gradually, ‘Shivaya’ picks up the tempo with the beats and pulses becoming more prominent and urgent. This is executed subtly and brilliantly. The track slows back down to a more sporadic pace with the vocals softening to an ethereal state. As ‘Shivaya’ comes to a close, the instruments take centre stage in a gentle and short finish.

Gaia Lectra is paving the way for an innovative and holistic inspired sound that is worth having a listen to, especially if you enjoy spiritual practices.

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Words Holly Hammond