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Anastaseea Unveils Debut ‘You Saw The Last Of Me Tonight’

Anastaseea - You Saw The Last Of Me Tonight on Right Chord Music

Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying debut track, You Saw The Last Of Me Tonight, from Anastaseea.

Anastaseea – You Saw Me The Last Of Me Tonight

Infused with a vibrant blend of pop and nostalgic 90s elements, Anastaseea’s first single promises to captivate and dazzle audiences.

Hailing originally from Corfu, Greece, and now based in London for the past six years, Anastaseea’s musical journey began at the tender age of six with classical piano and vocal training. However, it was during her college years that she discovered her true passion for the dynamic and expressive realm of pop music, breaking free from the confines of classical music.

Beyond her musical prowess, Anastaseea proudly showcases her roots through her artistry and activism. As the founder of the Greek Creatives Hub, she champions independent Greek artists in London, recently hosting a sold-out showcase—a testament to her commitment to fostering artistic talent.

You Saw The Last Of Me Tonight, co-created with Slavka (from the project Woman’s Touch), is a powerhouse anthem of empowerment and liberation. With its infectious beats and uplifting lyrics, the track embodies the journey of overcoming adversity, from losing friends to breaking free from toxic relationships.

Anastaseea’s debut exudes a flashy, retro pop aesthetic that is impossible to resist. Its catchy hooks and inspiring chorus make it a standout disco-pop anthem, guaranteed to keep you dancing into the night.

“A powerhouse anthem of empowerment and liberation.”
You Saw The Last Of Me Tonight’ is just the beginning of Anastaseea’s musical odyssey. With plans to release a new single every two months throughout 2024, this first offering marks the start of an exciting journey for the burgeoning artist. Brace yourself for what Anastaseea has in store, she’s ready to set the music scene ablaze!

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