Take A Trip To TYYA B’s ‘Heights’

Discover TYYA B’s psychedelic neo-soul on new single ‘Heights’.

TYYA B – ‘Heights’

‘I love the way we touch, you care for me’ opens ‘Heights’ by TYYA B. That’s right, it’s time to light a candle, slip into something more comfortable and take whatever your preferred substance is – it’s an eclectically sensual and charmingly lo-fi journey we’re going on.

TYYA B is a singer-songwriter with roots in Slovenia and Central Europe. With a background in jazz, she is currently working on her debut EP, due for release sometime this year.

“Heights is a lo-fi neo-soul/hip-hop track that balances the psychedelic and the erotic.”

TYYA B’s gleefully uninhibited lyrics might give you Donna Summer vibes as she breathes lines like ‘skin to skin, we just swim’ and ‘with you I feel so free, peace, ecstasy’, painting the picture of a transcendent physical encounter. The funky chorus boasts a catchy hook with ‘tasting magic, always on top, seeing moonlight, starlight in your eyes’. You can hear clear influences of jazz and soul in the melodies, and it’s delivered with committed vocals, that alternate between seductively smoky and delightfully breathy. 

The production mixes a sultry bass and hip-hop-influenced beats, with backing vocals that border on surreal, and psychedelic synths that range from spacey to 8-bit. There’s an equally trippy music video, that is a fun throwback to 80s and 90s music videos, where TYYA B meditates in space and twirls through lasers and flowers. It’s all charmingly lo-fi, and fans of neo-soul and retro vibes should give it a spin. 

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Words Eden Tredwell