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ALPHA Exhibition For C.A.L.M

Frank Turner, Gary Numan and more feature in ALPHA exhibition exploring masculinity and mental health on International Men’s Day (Thursday 19th November)

‘ALPHA’ is an exhibition by five award­-winning photographers in aid of the charity CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably). An official charity partner of Topman and the Secret Garden Party, CALM aims to prevent male suicide in the UK, and offers support to men who are living with depression or are in crisis.

The exhibition features work by renowned music photographers such as Scarlet Page, whose portfolio includes Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Hayley Williams, The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, The Verve and naturally her own father Jimmy Page; and Helena Berg, the photographer responsible for much of Placebo’s iconic imagery and album artwork throughout their twenty ­year career.

ALPHA intends to start a dialogue about mental health and the impact of the alpha male stereotype. Scarlet’s work features unseen portraits of men that have lived with depression or difficult life events, including musicians Gary Numan, Frank Turner and Professor Green. The other artists invoke the use of landscape photography and ethereal imagery to explore the male emotional experience.

For further information about CALM visit www.thecalmzone.net