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Alex Rayn Dives Into ‘Deep Waters’ On Indie-Pop Single

Alex Rayn - Deep Waters review on Right Chord Music

Following the success of his debut single, ‘Amphitrite’, 22-year-old Alex Rayn is back to deliver more indie-pop goodness with ‘Deep Waters’.

Alex Rayn – Deep Waters

Poised to captivate his audience through thought-provoking lyrics and heavenly soundscapes, the artist is delighted to dive deeper into pop structures and maintain his electric-charged sound through this new single.

Crediting his multicultural background to his diverse influences, Rayn seeks to “provide listeners with a gateway to his unique universe”. In a recent interview with General Pop, Rayn explained how his philosophical approach to his artistry allows him to assess life’s existential questions, and guide him to musically fathom the unfathomable in an accessible, creative way.

New single, “Deep Waters” is no exception: Drawing inspiration from the ocean’s vastness, Rayn correlates this metaphorical thinking to the complexity of the human soul, alluring listeners to immerse themselves in the profound comparative experience. Using the concept of an iceberg (an idea he encountered in Pablo d’Ors “The Biography of Silence”), Rayn resonates with abandoning surface-level, superficial exploration, and aims to invite his audience on an introspective journey of self-discovery.

Blending meticulously crafted beats, warm R ‘n’ B chord progressions and delicate guitar dialogue, Rayn allows the ocean to become palpable through his softly-toned vocals. Preparing to release more singles in the near future, the currently Paris-based artist is truly establishing himself as an artist who delivers something far more powerful than the average pop music listening journey.

“Deep Waters” gives us a captivating glimpse into a musically gifted and profound mind at work. Perfectly composing a swaying, graceful ocean landscape, Rayn allows his listeners to easily digest darker, complex topics related to the human soul. 

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Words Rhí McPhelim