First Signs of Love No. 183. HAWK

Not only is ‘Once Told’ the new single by HAWK a thunderously good tune, it also carries a bigger message. Once Told tackles Ireland’s archaic abortion laws, where it’s still illegal to have an abortion, with the exception of very rare circumstances. Julie Hawk explains: “This song is just a tiny fraction of the frustration that’s

Sunset Sons – On The Road

Sunset Sons released new single, ‘On The Road’, on October 16 through the FRENCH EXIT label, and recently played the first edition of London’s new Community Festival. Sunset Sons came into being when Rory, Pete, Jed and Rob encountered each other whilst pursuing their love of surfing in the sleepy French beach town of Hossegor. Drummer Jed came across frontman Rory

#FSOL 6. Wolf Alice ‘Six’

I would love to take credit for this music discovery – but unfortunately I can’t. An artist interview I recently read mentioned their name and needless to say I ‘you-tubed’ them immediately and it’s definitely the first signs of love! Wolf Alice are a band based in North London…two boys and a girl, their songs are mellow