Anna Tosh – Weightless

London born and bred, Anna Tosh has been lending her considerable six-string skills to a varied roster of bands since she was a teenager, among them Wildhood, Love Nor Money, Hey Gravity and Shotgun Venus. But with her own collection of striking self-penned songs demanding attention, and the assistance of a red-hot rhythm section in

Cuz. So Tired

‘So Tired’ is debut single from Cuz, the DIY garage-punk brainchild of East London musician Johnny Ryan. Formed in summer 2013, Cuz has already found fans in high places, with The Independent favourably comparing them to acts such as The Orwells and Splashh. At a shade over two minutes this track doesn’t waste a second. There is no padding, no

The Vivids. AK-47

The Vivids are from Long Beach, California their music recalls post art-punk touchtones like A Certain Ratio, The Names, Wall Of Voodoo, Gun Club or Devo and the Talking Heads at their edgiest, while flirting with psychedelic guitar leads and the occasional surf warble. This is their first UK single ‘AK-47’ The single will be released on June 17th

FSOL 33. Night Engine – I’ll Make It Worth Your While

I can’t sit still.  This track is ridiculous.  I challenge you to find a more infectious track. Night Engine  deliver on their promise.  This really is worth your while. Coming at you like a runaway train driven by the bass funk of the Chili Peppers, the vocal stylings of Talking Heads, and floor pounding indie