Sam Pinkerton – An Introduction

Florida born singer-songwriter Sam Pinkerton is the up-and-coming face of the music scene. Her cheery yet mellow sound incorporates pop, country and soul, giving a modern take on traditional folk. Pinkerton began her musical career with indie-folk band Someone Like Tommy, before moving to Nashville to develop her solo career. Within a year, Pinkerton had

RCM Best Music Of 2013 The Vote

The vote is now closed, thank you to everyone that voted. Please take some time to check out the music below. It’s been another incredible year for new music on RCM. Thank you to all of our contributors and for everyone that has listened, read or shared any of the music we’ve featured. This year

The Best Of 2013 (So Far) Playlist

There is no Band or Artist of The Week this week or next, as we’re taking a much-needed 2 week holiday. It’s a chance to recharge the batteries and come back stronger. The Lost On Radio podcast will be taken over by two of our very favourite bands, so watch this space on Wednesday to find

#RCMHangout Session 6. Sam Pinkerton

We’re delighted to announce the incredible Sam Pinkerton will be performing for the 6th #RCMHangout Session. Sam first came to our attention when we featured her as a First Signs Of Love artist back in April. Her track “I Will Never Fall In Love With You” remains as one of our very favourite tracks of 2013 so

Episode Twenty Five. The Right Chord Music ‘Lost On Radio’ Podcast

Welcome to the 25th episode of the Right Chord Music, Lost On Radio Podcast. Presented by Andy Mort and curated by Mark Knight and Andy Mort, Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible undiscovered music overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. This week’s featured artists: 1. Free Swim – The Smell Of

FSOL 54. Sam Pinkerton ‘I Will Never Fall In Love With You’

Here at Right Chord Music we try to plan in advance, it depends on the quality of music we’re sent, but sometimes it works. Recently it’s worked well, in fact we’ve been scheduling our posts 3/4 weeks in advance. The only down side is when we discover a new artist we love, we have to