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Band Of The Week. Battleships

Mixing folk blues and indie rock in equal measure, Sydney band Battleships have already received praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne, for their debut single ‘In Retrospect.’ The single was released earlier this year and is a mellow and gritty indie track, full of moody undertones and a sound that is both mature and affective. Haunting vocals seem to carry the song along, whilst the musicality remains smooth and well developed. ‘Your Words,’ was the bands second single and is a song of balance. Mixing soft calm vocals with a raw acoustic guitar riff that grips throughout, the song is catchy, atmospheric and poetic.

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The bands’ first 2 singles were the perfect choices for showing the world what they had to offer. Battleships debut is a 7-track album entitled ‘To You.’ Featuring the previously mentioned tracks the album also includes ‘Inside,’ which offers light-hearted upbeat guitars that take on an edgier vibe, the song is full of catchy chords and has a sound of classic 90’s rock; ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ by the Stone Roses springs to mind.

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‘Another Way’ is an emotive track that acts as the albums ballad. The songs musicality is deep and textured, offering gorgeous piano notes and sensual guitars. On the quieter piano segments when the vocals soften, the song becomes melancholic and enchanting. It is the albums creative masterpiece.

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‘To You’ is an album of melodious vocals, rich guitars and captivating piano keys. Battleships reminisce in 90’s Brit-Pop whilst simultaneously capturing the best parts of modern indie. The result is an album that is avant-garde yet highly nostalgic, which they prove to be an ideal formula. Battleships are the only way to welcome in the New Year.

To hear the full album visit the Battleships SoundCloud page www.soundcloud.com/battleshipsband.

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Jen Grimble