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FSOL 42. Blaise Paisel ‘Magical’


Welcome to 2013!

Introducing Blaise Paisel, a young indie 5 piece from Kent, formed in late 2010 by lead singer Albury Cotter. Despite their tender years they have already released three EPs and supported Right Chord Music favourites Dog Is Dead. Now they are releasing their first formal single called ‘Magical.’ We can confirm that it lives up to it’s name.

Magical could easily become the indie pop anthem for singletons¬†“What’s so wrong with being alone anyway?” But this isn’t a song that wallows in self pity or melancholy it’s actually a highly infectious, singalong, indie pop song with a upbeat energy than counters any down-beat emotions.

The single is supported by a brilliant stop motion video, that’s hugely fun and perfectly DIY. We’re smitten.¬†This is The First Signs Of Love #42. We look forward to hearing more from Blaise Paisel very soon.