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ZUSO releases refined electronic dance single ‘Melt Like Gold’

ZUZO Melt Like Gold

Fans of refined electronic music from the likes of HÆLOS and Rüfus du Sol, need to add ZUSO to their radar. 

ZUSO – Melt Like Gold

Musician and producer ZUSO real name Gabriel Cuenca moves through enticing indie dance and intelligent electronic music, taking inspiration from the tradition of these genres and giving them a personal modern spin.

“Melt like Gold” is a magnetic track, capturing the listener from the very beginning. Lush and rich synths start building up a gleaming atmosphere, topped off by emotional, powerful vocals.

The chorus is a real explosion of sound and energy, impossible not to dance to what is likely to become a beach club earworm. 

ZUZO’S sound design is also a gem, creating swarming, ever-changing synths that will make skipping the song impossible. 

This track is much more than a listening experience: its energy and positivity will flow through you like a balm. The music succeeds at crafting a bright atmosphere and you can almost feel the sun rays shining on you. The songwriting is thoughtful and compelling, giving an even more eclectic touch to this production.

“Melt Like Gold” is just the beginning of a year full of releases by ZUSO, that we can’t wait to hear!

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Words Anna Colombo