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The Bigger Picture – Empires.

The Bigger Picture Empires

A blast of driven guitars and thumping drumbeats makes for a glorious sound. It may not be for the pop purists, but for the rock fans who embrace loud, unapologetic, artistry, then it’s a no-brainer. The Bigger Picture is this collective, a band fusing together different styles, using rock as the template to fit in even metal influences. Their music breaks boundaries, and it may sound audacious, but their new single Empires, is a breath of fresh air.

The Bigger Picture – Empires

It’s the sound of a well-oiled machine, with expert percussion, guitars turned up to the max, and vocals signifying rage and love.

The track begins with beats and promises. A technical vibe progresses until this riff smacks the landscape of brilliance. The vocal work, pristinely, conjures up lyricism directed to memories, broken and misshapen. And when listening on, the workmanship becomes evident too, and the band has worked tirelessly on creating this behemoth. A song large in structure and meaning, it portrays through-hardened words smashed dreams, and the band does not shy away from detailing their thoughts through their muse.

Elegance isn’t in this band’s DNA and the song proves that. This isn’t a bad thing, as their sound matters more than subtle edges, more than being obnoxiously joined to a trend. Their music speaks a million words, it’s inspiring to say the least, and Empires paves way for their next chapter. Sonically and compellingly different, the song has the kind of dreamy effect many songs lack, that urgent turn of sound, and moments when it feels it’s the only song that matters.

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Words Mark McConville