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Wuzy Bambussy Takes You ‘2 Miles High’

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Wuzy Bambussy returns with ‘2 Miles High’ An old-school ballroom funk number with a hedonistic blast.

Wuzy Bambussy – 2 Miles High

It’s impossible not to rock along with Kat Harrison’s elated vocals as she repeatedly states that she simply “can’t fight the flow”. This is the kind of irresistible retro-funk groove that pumps through your whole body. Eyes closed, hands on your baby’s shaking waist, let the classic baseline take the lead and move every inch of you two. The slick guitar work amplifies the verses into a ballroom-filling jam, slightly upped by a few electronic tweaks, whereas the chorus remains muted and understated, relying solely on our chanteuse’s sultry vocals.

The lyrics are plain and straightforward. They work as a guide through the beats’ winding ways, relaying every step of the sacred dancefloor ritual. “The fingers dance down / The neck, tell a tale”, she goes. Her sweet, fairy-like voice almost sounds innocent, but she delivers the tale with a sensual twang that perfectly matches with the pagan, bacchic themes. Mentions of “swinging vines” undulating to the beat couple with greetings to some mysterious high priestess of the dancehall and even a namedrop to the Celtic queen of magic, sister of King Arthur (“The brushes sweeping/Their funky ballet/Hypnotic movement/Like Morgan Le Fay”), it all enhances the sinful hedonistic atmosphere.

The song is the first in a string of ten singles due to be released one per month until the end of the year. These were crafted by songwriter/producer Nikolai Jones, who goes by the stage name of Wuzy Bambussy, with the collaboration of Bristol vocalist Kat Harrison. The pair promise to further embroider our year with a collection of jazzy indie pop tunes accompanied by lush orchestration.

“An irresistible old-school funk jam”

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