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Vogue Villains See Through Fake People On ‘Bleed’

Vogue Villains Bleed on Right Chord Music Blog

After the great reception of their previous tracks, Vancouver Island, Alt rock band Vogue Villains is releasing another well-rounded single called Bleed.

Vogue Villains – Bleed

Created shortly before the pandemic, Vogue Villains has built a solid and loyal fan base since their foundation. And while enduring that period of inactivity wasn’t easy, they returned from that hiatus stronger than before, ready to share their empowering messages with audiences all over their native Canada and beyond.

This talented group has performed all over Western Canada, opening for other acts like We Hunt Buffalo and Wise Youngblood. They have also played at festivals like ALIVE and 39 Days of July.

Following the success of singles such as Wrong Side Of Midnight and Let The Wrong One In, this quartet has presented Bleed, another formidable piece that will dazzle you and leave you asking for more.

For this melody, the Canadian outfit has decided to take a not-so-subtle shot at all the fakers, all the deceivers, and to the people who want to take advantage of your goodwill, wishing to ‘suck you dry’ while you bleed.

Aside from their already-known tongue-in-cheek lyricism, this four-piece has crafted a texturally rich single with smashing drums and explosive riffs that, somehow, are still brilliantly catchy. Marvelously complemented by intricate electronic arrangements, this highly versatile track thrives due to its impeccable production.

“Bleed is a groovy, wild alt-rock banger, perfect for headbanging on the dance floor.”

If you’re the kind of listener who enjoys bands with charisma, upfront songwriting, and a good dose of sarcastic humour, then you will love what Vogue Villains brings to the table.

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Words Javier Rodriguez