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Tyler McDermott’s World Opens Up With ‘Light The Way’

Tyler McDermott Light The Way review on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Tyler McDermott’s layered, spiritually-led acoustic track.

Tyler McDermott – ‘Light The Way’

Many songs have spoken on the subjects of depression, grief, anxiety and spiritual awakenings. (Or as I call it, Thursday mornings.) But a harder task is to musically capture the feeling of going through it, like trying to describe a colour with only words. This is what Tyler McDermott attempts on his album ‘Light The Way’, inspired by his own struggles and spiritual encounters. Let’s take a look at the titular lead track. 

Tyler McDermott is a musician and songwriter based in Atlanta. After his debut album ‘Wanderer’ was released in 2023, he’s straight back on the horse with his next conceptual LP.

‘Light The Way’ is a moody alt-acoustic piece that evokes the tension and confusion of human emotion, providing a compelling opening to the EP.

The lyrics to the title track are sparse but hopeful, repeating that ‘We’ll find a way’, repeating their determination and optimism that there will be a place ‘where love can grow’, although unnervingly one seemingly must go through ‘the abyss’ first. These are combined with repetitive melodies, creating an almost mantra-like effect. It’s delivered with pleasingly husky vocals, though they could use more confidence and spotlighting in the production. 

The track is well crafted, opening with pinging, echoing guitar strumming and gradually layering hooks and instruments to create something both dreamy and nightmarish. There’s light percussion, moody piano lines, sharp guitar licks, all with a strange echoing dissonance that evoke a journey – but not necessarily a pleasant one. Fans of singer-songwriter style, alt-folk, and the slightly abstract will enjoy this, and should check out the full EP. 

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Words Eden Tredwell