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Twenty6 – ‘Run Away’ Bring Some Garage Back Into Your Life!

Twenty6 Run Away

Twenty6 ‘Run Away’ is a contagious slice of early 2000s-tinged garage dance.

Twenty6 – Run Away

There are some parts of the late 90s/early 2000s era I’d rather not revisit. (Lads-mag misogyny, dial-up internet, and the bucket hats, oh god the bucket hats.) But some of it I’m quite happy to see making a return – and if crazily-catchy garage hits are coming back to our airwaves then I welcome them. One such offering is Twenty6’s ‘Run Away’, which takes me back in the best way. 

Twenty6 is the project of producer Alex Burkett and singer-songwriter Loren Hannon. After a chance meeting in 2020, a creative partnership was soon formed, leading to an EP, gigs, and radio play.

‘Run Away’ is an infectiously groovy dance track with a heavy 2000s garage influence and an escapist spirit. 

‘Why do you settle for less when you’re better than this’, opens the track, combining pep-talk lyrics with Hannon’s effortless vocals. It’s direct but not sentimental, advising ‘If you’re not happy, something has to change’, and the ‘What’s the point in hanging around if it’s bringing you down’ hook is instantly memorable. 

With its bubbling synths, the track arrives with plenty of energy right from the go, constantly simmering and building with its cascading riffs and garage beats. Garage artists such as Shanks & Bigfoot, and Artful Dodger are obvious references, but it still manages to incorporate that musical sense of tribute and nostalgia, without seeming dated, keeping a little current spirit. It’s a highly accessible and instantly catchy track, which I’d recommend for anyone looking to add a little retro buzz to their day. 

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Words Eden Tredwell