Trent Beaver & The Damage ‘Hard Working Man’

Discover Trent Beaver & The Damage’s classic storytelling country track ‘Hard Working Man’

Trent Beaver & The Damage – ‘Hard Working Man’

‘I been working at the mill, I been pulling that chain’ opens ‘Hard Working Man’ by Trent Beaver & The Damage. Working at a mill might seem like something from another era to many of us, and it’s easy to forget old-fashioned labour jobs still exist. Trent Beaver wanted to deliberately pay homage to this lifestyle, and specifically his grandfather and his hometown of Molalla, Oregon, with this track, and he succeeds in painting a vivid picture.

Trent Beaver is a singer, songwriter and musician often found in the country and rock’n’roll genres. He’s already got several releases under his belt and an impressive list of support slots, and with his band has formed his latest project, Trent Beaver & The Damage.

‘Hard Working Man’ is a slice of supremely satisfying country, dedicated to hard lives and hard work.

Trent’s lyrics tell a tale of an old fashioned grind, of ‘racking up overtime just enough to get by’ and ‘drinking that pain away’, yet they retain a pride, with the chorus staying ‘I come from a long line of sinners and boozers, not a single one of them was a loser’. There’s also a wry sense of humour in lines like, ‘If they try and take my house I’ll set it on fire’. This is delivered in Beaver’s gloriously husky vocals, with natural melodies and a hooky chorus.

The production centres around a solid country guitar and chugging beats, complete with effective vocal harmonies and a classic country mandolin. There’s also an atmospheric music video with historic shots of Molalla to check out. Any fans of modern country and storytelling will find something to enjoy here.

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Words Eden Tredwell