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The Rolling People Soar On Anthemic ‘I’ll Be There’

The Rolling People I'll Be There on Right Chord Music

The Rolling People, hailing from Stockport, are on a mission to revive rock with their latest single, ‘I’ll Be There’, offering a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming debut EP.

The Rolling People – I’ll Be There

Emerging onto the scene with an average age of just 15 and now at 18, this dynamic quartet has already enjoyed a remarkable debut year, selling out their inaugural headline UK tour. Their achievements include soaring to the #1 position on the iTunes Rock Chart with their debut track ‘Better Man’, securing the #14 spot on the iTunes Official Chart, and securing a record deal with the esteemed independent label, LAB Records.

With a promising 2024 unfolding before them, The Rolling People are setting the stage for their debut EP, No Place To Be, slated for release this spring. I’ll Be There serves as a bold introduction to their careers, exploring themes of devoted love and the frustration of feeling trapped in a life you long to escape.

The track pulsates with reverberating riffs, propelled by dynamic drums, and punctuated by the explosive vocals of lead singer Charlie McNichol. It encapsulates the youthful, rebellious spirit synonymous with rock music, delivering an invigorating composition that resonates with energy and authenticity.

“I’ll Be There is a rallying cry, primed to ignite audiences into spirited sing-alongs, capturing the essence of live rock performances.”

In addition to their forthcoming EP and a lineup of upcoming singles, The Rolling People are poised to grace stages across the UK in the coming months. Don’t miss the chance to witness their electrifying performances at the following venues:

Rolling People live

  • Fri 16 Feb – Birmingham, Institute 2 w/Luka State
  • Sun 3 Mar – Bristol, Strange Brew w/Luka State
  • Thu 4 Apr – Nottingham, The Bodega
  • Fri 5 Apr – London, Water Rats
  • Sat 6 Apr – Glasgow, King Tuts
  • Sat 4 May – Liverpool, Sound City

Join The Rolling People on their journey to reignite the flame of rock and be part of the chorus shouting “I’ll be there”.

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