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The Rolling People Are ‘Grateful For Nothing’

The Rolling People Grateful for Nothing review on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover The Rolling People’s resounding indie hymn ‘Grateful For Nothing’.

The Rolling People – Grateful For Nothing

In a resounding crescendo of triumph across the UK, The Rolling People, a vibrant quartet emerging from the heart of Stockport, brings their extraordinary year to a grand finale with the release of their dynamic new track, Grateful For Nothing.

Grateful For Nothing emerges as a composition fueled by both power and frustration, an uplifting anthem that poignantly underscores the relentless pursuit of dreams amidst the monotony of perceived boundaries. The musical journey begins with a hypnotic guitar hook, setting an invigorating tone with upbeat instrumentation that gradually builds momentum, reaching a climactic peak during the goosebump-inducing chorus.

Despite their youthful average age of 18, The Rolling People have achieved many remarkable feats. Their rise includes the sell-out success of three consecutive headline shows in Manchester, with the latest highlight being a memorable performance at Manchester Academy 3 in March 2023. This wave of popularity extends beyond the city limits, encompassing sold-out shows in prominent locations such as London, Sheffield, Glasgow, and a fervently engaged audience in Leeds.

A testament to their widespread appeal is reflected in their impressive streaming statistics, one of their standout tracks, Better Man, has garnered an impressive 100,000 streams, showcasing the undeniable resonance of their music.

“Grateful for Nothing exudes an infectious sense of hope and excitement.”

As a fitting conclusion to their remarkable year, The Rolling People will make their triumphant return to Manchester at the historic Band On The Wall on Friday, December 8th, 2023. This performance presents a unique opportunity to join in supporting and celebrating the ascent of this skilled four-piece.

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Words Javier Rodriguez