The indie nostalgia of a ‘County Fair’ with Loops & Loops

‘Underneath the broken lights of the county fair…’. So opens ‘County Fair’ by Loops & Loops, and instantly you envision the dry grass, the warm wind, the scent of dubious street food, and the hope that just maybe, you’ll see that special someone there. The UK versions I knew probably weren’t as picturesque as the Americana, but still. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, y’all.

Loops & Loops – County Fair

This latest release comes from a spurt of pandemic productivity for Loops & Loops, a.k.a Pete Bogolub, culminating in a new album ‘Fake Face’, out this month.

‘County Fair’ is a wistful, strumming indie ballad, with plenty of retro touches.

‘Won’t you come to the county fair?’ proposes Bogolub, his husky vocals cutting straight through to memories of kissing booths and misspent youth. There’s a steadiness in the beat, the repetitive structure with its gently falling melodies, strangely hypnotic – and appropriate for the name Loops & Loops.

The production is simple, nevertheless taking influence from multiple eras. The jangling guitars, the almost Motown beats, the twinkling synths, layered vocals and aching string lines could all belong to different songs, yet strangely blend well together. It all adds up to that strange, indefinable sense of nostalgia. It’s a song for quiet walks or long drives, not overthinking, just let it wash over you. A welcome addition to all your indie playlists, and a small, sweet offering from Loops & Loops.

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Words Eden Tredwell