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Electric Circus Embrace The ‘Obsession’

Electric Circus Obsession on the Right Chord Music blog

Newcastle’s very own Electric Circus returns with their latest offering, Obsession, an electrifying alt-rock banger that pays homage to their inspirations and showcases their outstanding musicianship.

Electric Circus – Obsession

Born amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Electric Circus was the brainchild of frontman Shaun Lamb, driven by a desire to share his music with the world. With the addition of Brad Woodlands, Jordan Sowerby, and Ryan Brown, Electric Circus emerged as a powerhouse quartet ready to make their mark on the independent music scene.

Following six months of intense rehearsals at Nemix in Newcastle, the band wasted no time in hitting the stage, captivating audiences across the North East with their debut single, Don’t Need. Since then, Electric Circus has been on a relentless journey, supporting acts like Jamie Lenman, gracing stages nationwide, and leaving their mark on festivals like The Longest Day Festival.

With seven singles already under their belt, Electric Circus continues to solidify their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the rock genre. Obsession serves as the latest testament to their evolution, a tribute to the bands that have inspired their musical journey.

Further elaborating on the process behind this composition, Electric Circus explains:

“The production process during this felt very creative and like we could journey into places that we had not been before but didn’t waver from what we were trying to achieve. Lee at In Heart Studios delivered the exact sound we were looking for and always helps us to consistently produce great quality music.”

The production behind Obsession is as intense as the track itself. From the brooding basslines to the thunderous drumbeats, the composition builds into a frenetic frenzy of raw energy. Shaun’s commanding vocals inject the song with assertiveness, urging listeners to raise their fists and lose themselves in the music.

“Obsession is a tour de force of alternative rock, radiating with testosterone and an unapologetic attitude.”

To experience Electric Circus live is to witness their talent firsthand. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch them at the upcoming Aelius Alternative festival in Newcastle on April 6th. It’s a show you don’t want to miss!

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Words Javier Rodriguez