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The Grand Union enter The Cathedral Of Pain

The Grand Union

The Aussie-based five-piece The Grand Union have recently released their thrilling soft-rock single titled ‘The Cathedral Of Pain’.

‘The Cathedral Of Pain’ has distinct 80’s elements which combine beautifully with a modern rock twist. In terms of it being memorable, the chorus is certainly one which will be ringing in your head throughout the day.

Musically speaking, all components of ‘The Cathedral Of Pain’ sound immensely professional and the quality of the release is unmatched. The real pinnacle of the single is within the last minute. This last part of the song features a beautifully mastered guitar solo. All musicians within the band have managed to provide a truly marvellous listening experience.

The single is riddled with a feeling of vivacious angst, which mirrors the title superbly. Frontman Jack Hughes’ voice encompasses this enraged feeling completely.

The Grand Union undoubtedly have a bright future ahead of them, their rock ballads are a must to listen to.

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Words Sophie Bourgeois