The Daydream Club Cut Loose On ‘We Begin’

We Begin is an ambient banger, quietly and steadily inspiring new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s the first single to be taken from The Daydream Club’s second ambient album.

The Daydream Club – We Begin

I always loved ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’ by The Kings of Convenience, it was one of those albums that just by the name alone, I knew was going to be great and it didn’t disappoint. ‘We Begin’ by The Daydream Club has a similar other-worldly cosmic power.

The track starts with a repetitive piano note, much like the ambient equivalent to LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’ and I’m hooked.

The track explores themes of innocence and opportunity recalling that quote and thought that maybe “All kids are born geniuses but are crushed by society” That’s a bit bleak, but you get the idea, maybe we are too quick to stifle, box, and suppress?

The Daydream Club toy with the idea that in the first moments of life we are arguably the freest we will ever be. ‘We Begin’ and the accompanying music video captures this spirit. If there was ever a doubt about the value of freedom, we’ve all been reminded of it in the last three years.

We Begin is the first single from what will become The Daydream Club’s second ambient album, diving deeper into the duo’s vast influences and combining their love of music and dance. They first met as performers in a multi-arts project, with We Begin, they invite us into this part of their history.

The music video is a single sequence shot, with Adam behind the camera and Paula dancing, both moving freely and instinctively responding to each other to capture an unrehearsed, honest interpretation, it’s quietly inspiring and impressive.

This is the third single for the duo’s Song Stream concept which aims to create multiple albums across various genres simultaneously. The Daydream Club have previously explored the boundaries of ambient music with the album Ambient Project // Sound Asleep and the tracks Home from Home (Remix) and From the Summit.

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Words Mark Knight