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Tapwaterlucy Is Apprehensive When She Puts You On Speed Dial

Tapwaterlucy Speed Dial RCM

Electropop artist Tapwaterlucy is back with another spectacular bopper called Speed Dial, a moving track with a highly relatable topic wrapped in a fancy auditive treat. Artful to the core, this song will entice you into Tapwaterlucy’s extravagant world.

Tapwaterlucy – Speed Dial

22-year-old Tapwaterlucy is a singer/songwriter from Hackney who is the personification of a self-made artist, producing most of her work all by herself or with friends in her parent’s spare room. Her distinctive approach to Electropop music has paid off in the thousands of plays on Spotify with only three singles, including her newest delivery, Speed Dial.

The inspiration for this gem comes from the aching product of the inevitable transition from being a teenager to a young adult and also how these changes may affect your relation with your friends. Things like careers, relationships, and the path they choose get in the way, altering those previously established connections, sometimes forever.

Between the touching theme of this track and the futuristic sound in Electropop, Speed Dial features a rich aural texture made of electronic effects and drum and bass beats.

While short in length (lasting less than two and a half minutes), this is compensated by its engaging dreamy atmosphere and on-point vocal work.

Speed Dial shines due to its timeless subject and beautiful arrangements.

Overall, this tune has an intriguing appeal, at the one hand, it doesn’t feel as robotic and artificial as the average Electropop piece, but it’s not either a bubblegum Pop melody. Tapwaterlucy found a midpoint where all these components met, resulting in a refreshing style that captivates your senses.

This is definitely a name worth keeping on your speed dial if you want to hear top-tier music!

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Words Javier Rodriguez