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Luke Elliot. Trouble

To quote a well-known movie line, Luke Elliot is becoming ‘kind of a big deal’.  Originally from New Jersey, he was convinced by his...

First Signs Of Love No 88. F!NGERT!P$ – Strung Out

It's dirty, it's naughty, it loosens your limbs, it's 'Strung Out' from exciting new Australian artist Fingertips. Her plan to boost email opening rates certainly worked...

RCM Interview. Hit Songs Deconstructed Founder & Editor-In-Chief David Penn

As the name suggest Hit Songs Deconstructed is a website dedicated to analysing the structure and composition of hit songs. The insight from this...

When Two Becomes One. The Power Of Collaboration

It's easy to feel isolated when you are an unsigned musician. Who do you turn to for help? And how do you know if...