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LOLAH Is More Than Just A Dreamer

Indie pop-rock singer-songwriter LOLAH hits the music scene full force in her latest single “Dreamer”, an anthemic powerhouse track about following your dreams. LOLAH -...

Why 2020 Will Be The Year of Jazz

Jazz is a genre that is, predominantly, linked to the past. Birthed in the early 20th century in New Orleans and the city’s surrounding...

Best of 2011 Part 7: Chosen by 1-2 Hear

Next in the guest editors chair is Clare Tucker from 1-2 Hear, a promotions company that works with new bands providing radio / TV...

Jaynee – You Ain’t Got Me

2011 is without question the year of the female singer with Adele dominating the charts both here and in the US, Beyonce's star as...

Twitter – A Guide For Bands And Independent Artists

Twitter is hard work, and that’s borne out by the stats. 40% of users don’t publish anything, 25% have no followers and only 5%...