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Pshonka’s Nightmarishly Beautiful ‘Cities of Skin’

Pshonka shows us the bilingual music of her subconscious. Pshonka - Cities of Skin  There are plenty of songs written about dreams, and dreamers, but few...

WOLFS Howl On New Single ‘Take Me On’ 

Hannah Castell (guitar and vocals) and Rhiannon Waller (drums and vocals) met serendipitously in 2016, “after finding each other through the magic of Gumtree”...

A Strong Debut From Paige Wolfe With ‘Why Can’t My Heart?’

Country music can get a bad rap in the UK! Too often dismissed as cheesy, trashy, or solely the domain of the Americans, you’ll...

Catterina Returns With New Single ‘Waiting’

Singer-songwriter Catterina has the type of voice which is joyful to listen to. A voice of an angel, singing songs of melancholy. There is...