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Episode 81. Lost On Radio Podcast

Welcome to the 81st episode of Lost On Radio, presented and curated by Mark Knight. Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible undiscovered music...

Cloud Seeding – Three / Tryptofin

Cloud Seeding's fourth single, "Three," was to be the third release from this collaborative project, but somehow it wasn't. Inspired by the novels of Haruki...

The Best New Music of 2012. Pt. 11 Staff Writer Picks

Right Chord Music staff writer Jen Grimble chooses her picks of the Best New Music of 2012. Strangers offered that characteristic 1980’s pop that helped...

Artist Of The Week. Cloud Seeding

Describing himself as a ‘musical project,’ the father of Cloud Seeding Kevin Serra, is a master of modern acoustic-trance. Focusing on the release of...