Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Viatr Delve Deep With New EP Memory Interior

Delving into the depths of the human psyche, Viatr unveils their inaugural EP 'Memory Interior'. Viatr - Memory Interior London's avant-garde quartet, Viatr, ventures into the...

Needshes Rear Up On ‘Horse Of Love’

‘Horse of Love’ by Needshes is a fiery, avant-garde new single. Needshes - Horse of Love Inventive and playful, ‘Horse of Love’ still holds all the...

Except Elephant’s Shares Troubled Indie-Rock Dreams On ‘Leave It All Behind’

Except Elephant shares her own brand of eerie indie-rock on her latest release 'Leave It All Behind'. Except Elephant - Leave It All Behind ‘If I...

Phillinois paints his ‘House Red’ with avant pop

‘House Red’ begins with glitching synths, like some futuristic record skipping. Jagged piano chords flicker in and out, and Phillinois’ gravelly vocals muse flippantly...