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Sterling Ader Wants To Spend His Life ‘With You’

Sterling Ader - With You on Right Chord Music

Sterling Ader wants to spend the rest of his life ‘With You’.

Sterling Ader, Llambo – With You

‘With You’ is an unabashed love declaration wrapped in a nostalgic soft rock sound.

“Forever we will spend/Until forever ends”, so he goes in the chorus so passionately you can practically feel his heartbeat speeding up as he approaches the altar. This is Sterling Ader’s debut release, which he wrote as a wedding song and, honestly, you must be a stone-hearted monster if you don’t feel like proposing to your better half right away when you listen to him.

It is usually not that hard a job to tell when an artist is making a calculated commercial move and when they are uncynically venting out their deepest feelings almost filterless. And, to be clear, there have been numerous great songs penned in that more meticulous way, but to hear such a sincere explosion of uncontained infatuation has a charm of its own.

Sound-wise the song echoes the early 00s’ romantic rock, both fiercely emotional and sublimely sweet, similar to Hanson’s output after they quit being the world’s foremost heartthrobs and became actual good rockers. Guitars lead the way and perfectly translate how grandiose this moment must feel. Vocalist Llambo narrates each second like it is the most epic event on Earth, as if trying to etch every detail of the scene into his memory. From her perfume to her breath in his face. And, of course, the story ends with the couple, years from now, looking back at the life they have built together with the same awe and wonder of the beginning. “Now that we’re old and grey I find/I’m with you through the end of time”, he calmly chants in the closing line.

Hailing from New Jersey and currently based in St. Augustine, Florida, Sterling Ader works on his tracks in his home studio. He mostly seeks to imbue his work with a sense of narrative and emotionality. He started playing the guitar at the age of eleven and now, at 29, after years of playing in cover bands, has decided to seriously pursue his solo career.

“Ader channels the best of early 00s’ soft rock to present an open-hearted love letter to his fiancée. The result couldn’t be more captivating”.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio