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Snakes Know Heart takes a lyrical journey on ‘Metroparks’

Snakes Know Heart Metroparks

Max Kogan aka Snakes Know Heart, sounds driven on his song Metroparks. It’s a lyrical journey through snapshots of pessimism and hard times, but is a song that should make waves and carry this singer/songwriter to the summit of his desires.

Snakes Know Heart – Metroparks

Melody is commonplace here and tightly thought out acoustics are aplenty, showcasing that Kogan has first-class ability. The lyrics are intricate and have meaning, not compressed or dated, but actually, tell an intriguing and impactful story. Kogan has certainly seen things and has been through bad days, days where hope dangles like a golden carrot but can’t be reached.

His work should be applauded, his gift should be commended, as his heart is in it. He’s only young too, gracing the music world with enough grit and determination to make an impact. Metroparks is like a movie score, brilliantly composed and emotive, and will touch people’s hearts. And Kogan knows how to design songs that properly adjust to the right settings, and on this occasion, the song is sad and poignant, braving the storm.

Musically, the musician has formed a great trust in what he wants to achieve. The backbeat has bite, the acoustic guitar is pivotal to the set-up, gloriously created to make a quick impression. He has all too, the brooding vocals, the writing chops, and the talent to take on the world. The world is fierce, we all know that, but Kogan’s ability shouldn’t be understated.

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Words Mark McConville