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Sam Roberts Releases Thought Provoking ‘National TV’. 

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In his latest release, ‘National TV’, Roberts expertly combines a danceable indie rock sound with thought-provoking and introspective lyrics that offer a profound exploration of social media’s influence on society. 

Sam Roberts – National TV

Sam Roberts is a talented musician, hailing from the vibrant musical city of Liverpool, already, he has captivated audiences with his compelling, catchy alternative rock tracks that have garnered widespread admiration from fans throughout the country. 

‘National TV’ mesmerises its audience with a chilling and suspenseful opening that immediately creates a deep sense of unease, pulling the listener into a captivating musical experience filled with atmosphere and emotion. As the song progresses, it transforms into a compelling indie-rock piece, featuring profound lyrics that shine a light on today’s society and its unwavering quest for recognition and stardom, frequently sought through television and social media platforms. 

During the formative years of an artist’s career, it can be regarded as audacious to boldly tackle societal issues. However, for Roberts, embracing this fearless approach brings forth substantial rewards. His unwavering confidence in expressing his beliefs serves to his advantage, exuding an unapologetic swagger that resonates profoundly throughout ‘National TV’.

When listening to ‘National TV’, it feels as if the song was meant to be played and listened to live in sweaty basement venues, full to the brim with life. Looking at Sam Roberts’ back catalogue of live performances, it’s impressive to find out that so early on in his career, he already has played at iconic venues such as the Jacaranda, Zanzibar, and The Cavern Club. It seems like these experiences have enabled him to master the art of engaging an audience and ‘National TV’ is perfectly suited for a dynamic, immersive live atmosphere.

“Only Sam Roberts’ second official release, ‘National TV’ distinguishes itself with its introspective lyrics, polished instrumentals, and an alluring blend of rock and pop influences.”

The song reflects a level of emotional depth and musical sophistication that belies his relatively recent arrival on the music scene. 

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Words Katie Macbeth